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By way of quarterly newsletters, seminars, and exhibitor shows, and the website, the CRPCC members keep abreast of the latest postal developments and work closely with local post offices to make mail service more efficient. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to get involved with your postal service. Learn how to build your business, network with other mailers, exchange ideas, develop associations, share resources and support, achieve greater mailing efficiency and greater profitability for your business. Also learn the latest in postal services, rates and regulations, and gain a better understanding of the postal service. Membership is free, however, we ask for your support of $25.00 during our annual contribution drive. This is mailed out every year in June. It assists us in continuing to provide services to all members; paying for meeting rooms and mailings to help support our efforts.


To join or if you have questions, please email us at


If you would like to contribute, please send your contribution to:
CRPCC, c/o Melanie Groah, 30 Karner Rd, Albany NY 12288-9998.

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